Underfill Solution

Industrial introduction: With the development of electronic products to be smaller, portable and multi-functional, underfill becomes a necessary process for improving the reliability of electronic products. As for CSP, BGA and POP, the underfill can enhance their shock resistance; and as for FLIP CHIP which suffers from thermal stress due to inconsistent coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and ineffective welded ball, the underfill can strengthen its resistance against the thermal stress. In underfill, PCB FPC manufacturers have to balance the output, materials, labor force and equipment investment and improve the after-sales service response speed and cost on the premise of ensuring underfill accuracy. The traditional needle underfill has low accuracy and efficiency. On the other hand, the use of foreign equipment can solve the problems concerning accuracy and efficiency, but the purchase and after-sales service cost is really huge for the PCB FPC manufacturers. The underfill equip

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